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Final Meeting
The final ERASysBio+ research project meeting will take place on 26-27 June 2013. Please follow the link for more information.

Our videos
Visit our video collection to view the latest film on  training initiatives.


Germany: Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, PtJ

Dr Bernhard Gillessen
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, PtJ
D-52425 Jülich


P1    DE, PtJ (FZJ)
P2    DE, BMBF
P3    AT, BMWF
P4    BE, FNRS
P5    FI, AKA
P6    FR, CNRS
P7    IL, ISF
P8    NL, NWO
P9    NO, RCN
P12  Trento (IT), PAT
P14  FR, ANR
P16  NL, ZonMw

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Welcome to the ERASysBio initiative, a consortium of funding bodies, ministries and project management agencies. Our mission is to carry out fundamental and strategic collaboration in the funding of systems approaches to biological research.

ERASysBio+ Final Conference
Sixteen transnational reseach consortia comprising 85 working groups from 14 countries are funded under ERASysBio+ initiative. For a summary of the initiative and details on all the projects, please follow the link. The reseracher involved will come together for the final evaluation conference on 26-27 June 2013 in Berlin. For more information please follow the link.
Tutorial on Standard Operating Procedures for Systems Biology
SOPs are an integral part of the ERASysBio summer school programme. This Tutorial was produced with the aim to offer the community an overview on the benefits of using SOPs in Systems Biology. For more videos please follow the link.
ERASysBio Meeting on Data Management, 16 February 2011
The ERASysBio partners are committed to encourage the adoption of data standards, data management and sharing best practices in systems biology across the European Research Area. SysMO DB is the central platform for storage and sharing of data assets within the SysMO funding initiative. For details please follow the link.
4th Meeting of the European Systems Biology Centres, January 2011
Networking the Systems Biology Centres in the ERA: Representatives from 30 European came together for a series of meetings to consider how centres can work together in areas of common interest and to seek consensus on how to address common challenges. To find out more please follow the link.
Raising standards in training and education
ERASysBio has established a series of summer schools designed to encourage the adoption of data standards, data management and sharing best practices across the European Research Area. Please follow the link to the summer school pages.  ERASysBio is providing a forum for discussion of postgraduate training in systems biology. A workshop was organised as a first step into exploring the key components of a European PhD in systems biology.
Strategy Paper: Systems biology is an emerging field with different possible approaches in different contexts. Intrinsic to systems biology is, however, its interdisciplinary nature and the common aim of achieving the quantitative understanding of dynamic biological processes through the use of mathematical and statistical analyses to integrate biological data in order to develop predictive models of biological behaviour?.. Link to the paper
ERASysBio is a transnational funding initiative to support the convergence of life sciences with information technology & systems science. ERASysBio brings together 16 ministries and funding agencies from 13 countries to coordinate their national research programmes in systems biology and agree on a common European research agenda.   The partners at the EB6 meeting October 2007...
As an ERA-NET, ERASysBio is committed to supporting the establishment of the European Research Area (ERA) in the field of systems biology by stimulating and facilitating programme coordination and joint activities in the field; not only in EU Member States but also in associated countries. More information on the ERA-NET scheme?
  The discipline of systems biology aims at understanding the dynamic interaction between components of a living system or between living systems. Systems biology is an approach by which biological questions are addressed through integrating experiments with computational modelling, simulation and theory, in iterative cycles. Modelling is not the final goal, but is a tool to increase understanding of the system, to develop more directed experiments and finally allow predictions.
  Please visit our link page. Find useful information on all areas in systems biology: SB Activities on European Level, European Funding initiatives for Systems Biology, SB Centres, Institutes, Networks and Initiatives in Europe, Working Groups active in Systems Biology, ?Database?, ?Modelling tools? and ?Standards and Ontologies?, Training Systems Biology, Seasonal Schools, Workshops, Symposia in Systems Biology, Meetings and conferences, SB world-wide