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ERASysBio Summer Schools
The partners of ERASysBio are committed to encourage the adoption of data standards, data management and sharing best practices in systems biology across the European Research Area.

One of the grand challenges in systems biology is the coupling of mathematical models and experimental data. Models are created from observing and extracting parameters from experimental data and are validated by testing model predictions against further experimental data. Modellers and experimentalists, however, often have different scientific backgrounds. Modellers are predominantly mathematicians, physicists and engineers, whereas experimentalists are biochemists, molecular biologists, or chemists. As a consequence, learning to work together and understand one another?s work can be difficult.
The partners to the ERA-NET agreed that ERASysBio would organise specialised summer schools. This series of summer schools aims:

  • to achieve effective communication between all participants;

  • to raise awareness of the urgent need to adopt data standards, data management and sharing best practices in the ERA;

  • to provide knowledge on the current tools, methods, practices, models, challenges and solutions in the management of data in systems biology;

  • to equip participants with tools for decision-making.

The Courses

The British partner (BBSRC) volunteered to organise Summer Schools on Data Management (2008 and 2009) with support from the Spanish partner (MICINN) and the German partners (PtJ and BMBF).


ShareSysBio offers a space for early-career systems biologists having attended ERASysBio Data Management Summer Schools to continue networking, exchanging documents, tips, ideas, and most of all, best practices in the management and exchange of data and models.

Video: An Introduction to ERASysBio (Link)