Signs That Your Parking Lot Needs A Repair

Asphalt is a widely used material in modern construction because it is simple to install, maintain, and recycle. Compared to other paving materials, asphalt surfaces are flexible, which is just one of the reasons Asphalt parking lots are a trend now. However, Asphalt or Concrete paving does not last forever. With proper maintenance, an Asphalt surface can last 10–20 years.

Look for crumbling, cracking edges

Although cracking may appear anywhere, the signs of asphalt deterioration are most frequently seen around joints and edges in the parking lot paving and the gutter areas of commercial parking lots and asphalt driveways. When this occurs, it might be a case that drivers are cutting it too close, the Asphalt isn’t adequately supported at the edges, or it is starting to lose its rigidity or durability due to wear and tear. The cracks may spread throughout the entire surface if they are not patched or sealed. You have to address this issue at the earliest.

Alligator Cracks

Due to its distinctive appearance, the Alligator Cracks may trigger a sign of excessive stress on the Asphalt. If the surface of the parking lot is damaged, it may be the case that the original paving contractor didn’t properly prepare the subbase or because you frequently park big trucks on driveways, putting more strain on the surface than intended. If you find any alligator cracks, your parking lot and driveway need immediate repair or replacement.


Asphalt’s binding agents, which give it strength and flexibility, don’t last forever. The external stimuli and residues from vehicles can damage the looks and durability of Asphalt, trigging a color change from black to gray. You can opt for Asphalt sealcoating or parking lot resurfacing to fix this issue.

Inaccurate Drainage

Poor drainage can be a warning sign that your Asphalt paving needs to be repaired. If water can’t drain off your driveway or parking lot, it will damage the Asphalt surfacing and lead to more significant issues in the future. It’s crucial to regularly check your drain inlets to ensure that the drainage water from your lot or driveway can flow where it’s intended because blocked inlets can also cause damage.

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